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The sole purpose of this service is to provide information to you regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) within your city. I personally like to know just how many of my community members tested positive for several reasons:

  1. Are my neighbors & friends doing okay?
  2. How likely am I to get sick by going outside?

I am considered an "essential worker" as I work as a Retail Manager, unfortunately I am also Type 1 Diabetic and considered high risk. For my own safety as well as my family's safety I am choosing to stay home. But I am not going to rest I wanted to use my knowledge of programming to create some kind of resource to help others.

Q: What is the phone number I can text?
A: (562) 912-2773 (Currently only supports US/Canada)

Q: What about a phone call?
A: Of course, Just give the same number a phone call and type in your 5 digit postal code.

Q: Can I help?
A: I would love help! There are multiple ways you can help. Currently I write a program that automatically pulls data from each county's website. That data is stored in different formats for every county. But I also have to search and track down that information. You can send me the web address to your county's information. If you know how to program I could use some help creating those automated scripts (I use Laravel PHP with Git that autodeploys). If you can't do either I would appreciate a donation. If you would like to help or have any other ideas/suggestions please send me a message.

Notice: I cannot provide any medical advice or suggestions. Please follow all recommendations provided by WHO, CDC, State and Local Officials.